Our Goals for Students at Cedar Crest


ccb-students-backgroundI wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of our goals for students in the student ministry at Cedar Crest. First of all, this is a short list, but they are designed to be attainable goals that we hope are reality for all of our middle/high school students. The reason I share these are:

  1. We want you to know that we love your students and we are praying and working hard to make sure they love and know Jesus and the Gospel.
  2. We want to make sure these are always in front of us and we never lose sight of what we are working towards.
  3. We can’t do this alone. The student ministry exists as an extension of the family of Cedar Crest. We are here to walk beside you and cheer you on as you disciple your children to love and know Jesus and His great Gospel. We want to link arms with you and be helpful to you and your family. Our view of Biblical parenting is that parents are the primary disciples of their children and we want to help in every way possible. When it comes to students who have lost parents, we are here for them just the same and we desire to help lead them in such a way that their family might believe because of the faithfulness and witness of their children. (This has happened and we love to see it!) All of this to say, we love you and we are here for you. Let us know how we can help.

Jarrett Fix & the youth staff


Middle School

– Develop a passionate love of Jesus and the Gospel

– Memorize scripture that will assist in sharing the Gospel

– Learn to share the Gospel clearly and effectively

– Develop healthy spiritual habits including

a personal devotion time, service toward others,

a heart for the lost, compassion for those in need,

a healthy view of the believers position before God.


High School

– Continue the goals from middle school and add:

– Memorize Scripture in larger increments (Chapters)

– Be regularly involved in serving others

– Develop character that is consistent with Scripture

– Study some elements of Christian apologetics to

have a healthy framework for subjects like:

the existence of God, the messiah-ship of Christ,

the inerrancy of scripture, the sovereignty of God, etc.

– Develop personal humility

– Develop personal holiness in action and in speech

– Be able to effectively share the Gospel and their testimony

– Be able to defend their faith against common attacks to the faith


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