Why we do IMPACT


Hey parents and students!

I wanted to let you know something. We talked about Partnership in our service last Wednesday and we talked about partnership with Christ in the Gospel as well as partnership with other churches in the Gospel. This is why I wanted to connect this with IMPACT. We are passionate about students in our area knowing Jesus and being changed by the Gospel. Every year we partner with other student ministries to put on a student conference called IMPACT. IMPACT is now about 26 years old and God has seen us through some really bad ideas and some disastrous goofs. Year after year we see students saved and lives changed. We also see a strange unity build among the students where denominational lines fade, social lines fade, church lines fade, and we see a collective body of student gather to worship and be discipled. The goal of IMPACT is to disciple students to be the evangelists on their campuses while providing a context to invite their friends to hear the Gospel in a larger, rally-style event every year. We have carried the momentum of IMPACT to worship nights called “IMPACT Live” which happen once a month at different churches free of charge.

What we want to get across here is that we are passionate about your children knowing Christ and being changed by the Gospel. We are just as passionate about the students of McClendon, Christ Church, First, West, Fair Park, Family Church, North Monroe, First Calhoun, Swartz, Cheniere, Mt. Vernon, The Crossing, and every other church and student in our area. We do not exist to promote a church. We exist to worship Jesus as the church. We are excited to partner with you as parents as well as other student ministries to let Ouachita parish know that Jesus loves them and graciously gave His life for them. We will always have work to do until the King returns. We ask that you pray with us for life change to happen in our parish and the surrounding area. The reason IMPACT was named “impact” was (forgive me for this) to make an IMPACT on our region. It is my belief that this has been the legacy of IMPACT and I believe also that it will continue to be. Intercede for the students and families that are without Christ and continue to pray that the Gospel will accomplish what it is purposed to do. We love you and we are here to walk beside you, link arms with you, and seek the Kingdom with you.

He is the Treasure,

Jarrett Fix


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